Refreshing to see real men with real problems open up and talk. Men of different ages and walks of life shared their experiences of how God has changed their hearts and lives

The first DNA men's breakfast was a success. To be able to hear people from all aspects of life reveal what they thought a Godly man was, was interesting. After the session it opened up a lot of eyes and helped us have a spiritual awakening for the truth

The men's breakfast was very inviting for unfiltered Godly discussions about real life. Enjoyable and full of life changing insight

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KBTM Mens DNA Breakfast 2020

In this multi-part video Bible study series, pastor Joby Martin invites men to embrace God’s definition of masculinity and to step into His calling upon their lives to wield their strength on behalf of others. God has designed men to be protectors, providers, and defenders. When men act like men, everyone flourishes. ~Be A Godly Man

                                                                  Joby Martin

Click below for more pictures from our first Men's Breakfast.

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